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It is a painful exercise, but also highly rewarding. In order to find the most overbought and oversold currency, I conduct four econometric studies: over-extension analysis, secular performance analysis, oil correlation and economic divergence. Additionally, I look at traders’ positioning to understand the psychological state of the market. Latest Results Recently, I decided to expand the coverage of currencies.

The main focus is still on the majors, but I will also briefly look at 18 other currencies. I will not go through the results of each of the studies, but instead illustrate the final ranking. If you want to see the individual results of each of the studies, scroll down to the charts section below. I have ranked the currencies on the scale of -11. 5 for each of the studies, where -11. Therefore, the overall minimum score that any currency can have is -46.

However, the Japanese yen is not far behind, with 34 points, followed by Czech koruna and Chinese renminbi with 33 and 23 net points, respectively. Norwegian krone and Singapore dollar also stand out among overvalued currencies with 22 and 19 net points, respectively. Brazilian real and Indian rupee with -32 and -28 net points, respectively. Is it risky to short this pair? But that is why it is called contrarian trade. When looking at the major currencies, we notice that the picture has not changed much since the previous update.

However, all three currencies are relatively “expensive” for different reasons. Japanese yen overvaluation is primarily driven by the results of two econometric studies: secular performance study, which compares a currency’s performance against the price of gold, and oil correlation study, which examines the link between a country‚Äôs exchange rate and the price of oil. Overall, the ranking picture is quite mixed. If you are a contrarian investor, you will want to short the most overvalued currency against the most undervalued currency. However, at this point in time, there are no clear leaders and no obvious laggards. That is why I decided to refine the results by applying two additional indicators: effective exchange rate and monetary sentiment. The most recent weights are based on trade in the 2011-13 period, with 2010 as the indices’ base year.