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Bitcoin coin icon file

I am a target for hackers who lost money and blame me,’ he tweeted. The 72-year-old says cyber criminals used his account to promote lesser-known virtual currencies to his 550,000 bitcoin coin icon file. But some have expressed skepticism about the hack, with many noting that he does not have a reputation for being credible. MCAFEE’S EMPIRE┬áHe was employed as a programmer at Nasa in the late 1960’s.

After resigning from his position in 1994, he sold his remaining stake in the company in 1996. In 2012, he was an international fugitive as he fled from Belize police. Four years later he ran for President of the United States as a representative for the Libertarian party – and achieved their best ever result. At the start of this year he announced plans to release a smartphone that is ‘the world’s first truly private smartphone’.