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Latvia on the Baltic sea and the administrative bitcoin kursas laiks of Liepāja district. Latvia, the third largest city in Latvia after Riga and Daugavpils and an important ice-free port. As of 1 January 2007, Liepāja had a population of 85,132.

Imants Kalniņš and has become the anthem of the city. The Coat of Arms of Liepāja was adopted four days after it gained city rights on 18 March 1625. March 2008Since then, Liepāja has engaged in international co-operation, has been associated with 10 twin and partner cities and is an active partner in several co-operation networks. Facilities are being improved as the city hosts Latvia’s largest naval flotilla, the biggest warehouses of ammunition and weapon in the Baltic states and the main centre of supply of the Latvian army. Climate Liepāja is located in a zone with a temperate marine climate. The major factor influencing the weather in the region is the Baltic Sea, providing a mild winter and a cool summer.

During the winter the sea around Liepāja is virtually ice-free. Typical wind directions:: Winter: south: Summer: western Geography Liepāja is situated on the coast of the Baltic sea in the south-western part of Latvia. The westernmost geographical point of Latvia is located approximately 15 kilometers to the south thus making Liepāja Latvia’s furthest west city. Jēči Architecture and Sights Liepāja is rich in different architecture styles. Soviet-era apartment buildings and lots of green parks and waterfronts are characteristic of Liepāja.

Transport The urban transport network of Liepāja relies mainly on buses and minicoaches. There are 11 bus routes and 6 minibus routes in Liepāja. The city also has a single two-way 6. 9 km long tram line running through some parts of the city from north-east to south-west, which also provides a vital transport link. Līvu alus” and sugar “Liepājas cukurs”.