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With Richard Grove and Kevin Cole. The Mastermind shows begin with a “pain point,” which is a pressing problem of a personal, professional, political, cultural or educational nature. Peaceful parenting is a bitcoin podcast agorism a3 term. There definitely seems to be some implicit judgment there.

What’s the alternative to peaceful parenting? Thus it’s understandable why many curious parents would find the label off-putting, as it might raise concerns they wouldn’t be able to live up to certain standards in their relationships with their children. Fellow Podcastmasters Jason Osborne and Gardner Goldsmith join Brett to launch The Mastermind. These shows will typically begin with a “pain point,” which is a pressing problem of a personal, professional, political, cultural or educational nature. Math My friend works in educational technology sales and he recently attended a STEM conference. He actually wound up being a judge in some of the student competitions at the event. In this show, he’ll shares his notes.

Some of the student projects are impressive in scope but their attitudes about and plans for the world are pretty foreboding. He judged one competition called “Prepared Presentations. I have some announcements about content and travel. And I have attached a couple Star Wars-related audios from the bonus section for your enjoyment. Star Wars Rogue One and the broader Star Wars universe.

Brett, Andrew and James discuss 2 most emotional issues of our day – guns and race – as they are presented in This Is America. Is this more of the same – the safest and most socially acceptable way to think disguised as the revolution, to use the angst of young people as political fuel? Or has Donald Glover created something more meaningful? This is the video that finally helped me understand the cultural appropriation argument. Drive Journal – A trip recap, in a state of delirium. With fellow travelers Andrew and Larry.

How NOLA is both amazing and gross – and some thoughts about the event. The tense and truculent final event of Renegade University and School Sucks Project Present A Weekend With Thaddeus Russell. Attendees grab the mic and question us on the following topics: Jason – Foreign policy and the military: how to close the physical and psychological distance between America and its enemies? Norm – Higher education: how do you introduce opposing and uncomfortable ideas to people who are not seeking them out? Today, the story of a public school teacher who eventually found a much better way to connect with and teach young people.