Bitcoin pracyj

I’m OOO till June 28th for PTO. Bitcoin pracyj’ll respond SOB June 28, when I’ll start WFH.

Oh, wait, no: you haven’t started thinking in acronyms just yet. John has left the office for his paid time off and will be back bright and early on June 28, but not at the office. Instead he’ll be working from the comfort of his own home. Then he sends his best regards and signs off, indicating where the message ends. Did you get all of the above information just from his exceptionally condensed communiqué?

Put simply, the end of the working day for someone. It’s used instead of hours because many time zones and many companies have different daily working hours, and in many corporate settings employees decide when they show up, then leave 8 hours after that. Put into the auto-responder feature of email this allows you to swiftly say you will not be working over a specific period of time, or have already left for the day. This is a shorthand for working longer than you normally do. Since in corporations nearly every day requires that, people have come up with a shorter version. This is a leave you can take for which you are paid. A holiday, a day off etc.

Like EOB, except this is for the hour you normally start your work. It’s used in the same way as EOB. A good way of saying you are not at the office, but are still working remotely. Especially useful as a status on Skype or other messengers.

It’s useful when the email itself is empty, and all information you wanted to convey instead fit into just email subject. So the recipient need not even look inside the email! If you’re going out for longer, consider using BBL instead. Used mostly in gaming, BBL can sometimes appear in a business context as well.