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By default, the table below displays the 2017 California Bitcoin storage ukiah Awards winners by category. The easiest way to do that is to use the search box to type in the name of your newspaper.

A search will begin as soon as you start typing in the box. The more specific you are, the faster you’ll find your results. If you still don’t see your specific results, try putting quotes around your search terms. If no one from your publication was present to receive your plaque, we will ship it to you. First-place plaques in categories other than General Excellence and Online General Excellence, and all second-place plaques, will be shipped directly to winning newspapers.

Certificates will be mailed to all other finalists in each category. For a list of Campus winners, visit this page. A good overall effort, with some awkward sentences. It’s a compassionate bit of storytelling with local interest. Is John Vidovich planning to sell off the valley’s lifeblood?

Or is he just the latest water baron on the block? Is that the shadow of the balloon on the cloud? Another great shot by Peter Weinberger. Great use of silhouettes to tell a story.

Stellar framing, stop action, froze image at the peak of the takeoff. Clever framing enhances what could have been a pedestrian subject. I enjoy this photo of being along on a beach at sunset running the cares of the day away. This is an intriguing photo as I am curious to know what the audience is so engrossed in!

This photo belongs in an art gallery. The Desert is absolutely lovely in all ways. Content is informative, layout easy to skim through to see something that you want to stop to read. For an entertainment guide – I like this one the best even though the layout is not as lovely as The Desert. I’m just not fond of the 6 column layout – jarring to read, but at least it’s not hyphenated text in narrow columns so I give them extra points for that!

This serves the purpose very well. I like the use of color in the text, pull-quotes, breakouts so you get a summary of who-what-where-when. This is easy to find your way through the pages to content that has personal interest. And there is kenty to find interesting! I’d like to see the whole section look like this center What’s Happening pages.