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Warren Buffett bought 75 million more shares of Apple. Want to add to the discussion? I too enjoy companies that have a steady stream of making money. I don’t understand a thing on there. A call is a financial instrument that gives someone the option of buying a share of a stock, at a set price, on or before some expiration date. 160, with those contracts expiring next week.

That’d be a nice thing to own. Of course like many financial instruments that exist, people trade them on the open market. People buy and sell calls to each other. They’re a very great way to lose money. If you have calls where the strike price is more expensive then the cost of the underlying stock on the date where the contracts would expire, then you have a bunch of worthless calls. You most often hear about people using them for speculative purposes, but they can also be used to hedge against risks in any sort of timeframe.

Look up “calls”, then look up “puts”. See if you can figure out how someone would use puts to hedge against losses in a stock that they had a long position in. Read a book on them and the trading strategies surrounding them, before even considering buying an option. Or just lose a bunch of money when you first discover the joys of theta. Let me eliminate a few sources of confusion, by eliminating some complexity. Lets talk about some calls that are expiring today, in like an hour.