Co je forex scalping software

Let’s get straight to the point. The best way to make a co je forex scalping software from scalping is by writing your own scalping software and licensing it to other people. Doing so will guarantee a regular income above and beyond whatever you could imagine from scalping itself. The selling of software to aid punters is in itself a form of scalping.

Yes, there are people adept at rapidly clicking buy and sell positions on horse races but what are the majority of them really doing? Following the herd, that is all. And since when did anyone make serious profit from following others? A move starts and a scalper jumps onto the bandwagon in the hope that the move continues and they get a tick or two’s profit. Fine, if you like picking up pennies in front of a steamroller.

Scalping is in many ways a form of Ponzi Scheme. The fastest in and out of the market gets the profit. However, the Johnny-Come-Latelys are lucky to get anything more than a loss. But who is really the clever one? The scalper jumping on a move or the originator of the move?

New information will affect the odds on a particular horse. As information filters into a market the price on a horse will gather momentum as it moves to its new price. Prices on other horses will move depending on the tightness of the overround. A false signal can be created by scalpers acting on false or spurious information or just a hunch about the current state of the market.

It only takes a few of the faster scalpers to create a self-fufilling prophecy that the price is moving so that the rest of the scalpers move in a tick or two later. The faster scalpers get those one or two ticks of profit from the late arriving scalpers. If you are interested in becoming a scalper then you must research the subject very carefully. I say, “Where are all the videos of failed attempts at scalping? The ones that never got published.

The ones that are supposed to show you how not to scalp. Which successful take are you watching, the first or the tenth? I don’t see any difference between scalping and roulette Martingale videos and we know how successful the Martingale system is, don’t we? To profit from scalping requires that your strike rate is sufficient to cover all the scratched and losing trades and there will be a lot of them. And that your ticks of profit outnumber your ticks of losses.

It has been shown that a buy and hold stock holder always outperforms the day trader. The same is true for sports exchange betting, although the time scales are somewhat different. Also, it is hard to pin a scalper down to how they trade. If a scalper is working to a set of rules then those rules should be quantifiable and can be automated by coding them into a bot. Bloomberg announces an interest rate rise or Reuters downgrades a company following a profit report etc.