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Confused by all the crazy Forex offers? I’ll forex download software free you some of the best Forex secrets and tools available. I just want everyone to believe how great is the robot.

Trust me, I have been there. I started out as a stock trader and have seen the “evolution” of forex trading from the beginning. What started out as a fairly honest business has become a playground for scammers. But don’t be afraid, you don’t have to lose your money to them. Avoiding them and finding true high quality products that will make you a lot of money is my key goal.

Don’t be a victim of bad customer service. You have the power and not them! It is easy and I will show you how. I do not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or companies ever. I never sell or rent email addresses. Your confidentiality and trust is of paramount importance to me.

IPA Investments LTD – specializes in innovative software development under YPY brand in the field of algorithmic trading for their own needs, as well as on the implementation of corporate clients objectives. Paid products – for all individuals, which use deposits from 10 thousand to a million US dollars for trading. Paid Enterprise products – for any institutional clients, which use deposits of one million dollars or more. A wide range of absolutely free products – for all users, which use deposits of less than 10 thousand US dollars for trading. YPY high-tech trading system that, as a rule, uses a large number of different strategies for trading on a virtual level. In the heart of any trading algorithms we use, we always use only viable strategies that ensure a confident and stable trade during future periods. The basis for stable trading in the future is the viability of strategies, because the results of testing on previous history cannot guarantee this.

Usually this stage takes about a year. We declare open testing of this new YPY auto trading system free of charge for anyone. As a rule, several thousand users use it for several months. This allows us to quickly find and fix bugs and significantly improve the stability and efficiency of trading.

Usually this stage takes about 3-12 months. YPY trading system on the market. PRO and ELITE versions are paid, while the ELITE version is created specifically for the management of large assets and has expanded functionality. We set the minimum cost of rent for the PRO version for the first time. A user can try free Basic version having the same functionality to get the idea of the product.

All our paid products are not available for purchase, they are only available for rent. Only the rent provides a compromise between interests of users and developers. Because the developer is interested in active development and finalizing the product in accordance with the current market changes. Usually this stage takes at least two years. After the YPY automated trading system has accumulated serious trading statistics, we begin to consider the proposals of well-known banks and hedge funds wishing to obtain an exclusive license. If we make a decision to issue an exclusive license, then we remove product from public use. We pay particular attention to the maximum security and stability of trade during the development and testing.

Protective real stop-loss and take-profit levels for all open real orders. Individual virtual levels of stop-loss and take-profit for all open virtual orders. Forced automatic closing of positions and stopping trade in case of detection of abnormal dangerous movements of market prices. Forced automatic closing of positions in case of exceeding the volatility limits that are acceptable for trading logic. Automatic closing of virtual orders when a virtual strategy exceeds its maximum allowable drawdown. This works for each virtual strategy independently.

Automatic adaptive spread expansion control, which does not allow opening new orders under inadequate trading conditions. 5 software for manual and automated forex trading – exclusive metatrader expert advisors under YPY brand, which trades very stably and profitably. We do not control third-party assets, we provide specialized software for efficient money management. Any professional user can use the MT4 platform to test our trading systems in their own trading conditions. We never praise our products and do not promise mountains of profit because we know that the market is not predictable. We do not follow standard developers’ practices: take money first, and only then allow you to use the software in full mode. For this reason, we’ve published absolutely free our new experts, which testing results outperform many paid advisers.