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Events surrounding the decision to ban the hijab by St Stephen’s primary school have been quite troubling. From an Islamic perspective, the discussion surrounding hijab for young girls is a storm in a teacup, given that it’s not mandatory prior to puberty. Such a decision by the school comes across as an attack on the freedom of expression of children and the right of parents to influence them forex islem stratejileri their upbringing.

One has to wonder what is so threatening about girls in hijab that schools like St Stephens have to resort to policing their bodies. Since September last year, the push against hijab in school has been fuelled by a small group of female campaigners within the Muslim community who appear to hold undue influence over the issue. In that month, the Sunday Times published a letter by a group of signatories arguing against the hijab being worn in primary schools under the concern that it was sexual repression of young Muslim girls. What was striking about the letter is the way it was framed, creating a spurious link between the experience of young British Muslim girls living in towns and cities like London and Manchester with women in Iran and Saudi Arabia, and the oppression of the Yazidis in Syria from violent extremists. For many women including the mothers of these young children, the hijab is a symbol of their faith as well as a symbol of identity and empowerment with the freedom to choose.

In St Stephen’s case, parents say they weren’t consulted which was a breakdown of trust untenable for the chair of governors who did the right thing by resigning from his position. The underlying issue here is that there are certain voices within the British Muslim community who are using the politics of integration and sexualisation to dominate the narrative against the hijab. Their failure to reconcile Islam with British culture stems from poor experiences with Islam as a faith tradition itself. Strangely, they never blame the ethnic cultures that dominate British Muslims, but the religion itself. While one’s wearing of the hijab, or lack thereof, shouldn’t prevent anyone from speaking on the topic, claiming to have a deep insight into the issue while not wearing it can only result in gross inaccuracies in its discussion. Their strongly held views on the misrepresentation of the faith should not trump the lived experiences of women and girls who wear the hijab out of choice. It is also interesting to note that at a time when there are real pressures on school budgets, banning the hijab seems to be headline news.

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