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Tape tempo slowed as well as pitch for clarity. What were some forex stapler images Brandon’s friends names? A staper just pushed some guys over.

Staper is short for STAte trooPER. One got taken into the woods. I think he ran out of gas and was standing by his truck. He saw a state trooper pull a car over. He witnessed something, got scared, called 911 and asked for cops, not troopers. It makes much more sense than state trooper to me.

This comment has been removed by the author. I’m from Texas and I’m pretty sure he’s saying “a state trooper just pulled some guys over”! I’ve been a musician for over 20 years. I have a very good ear.

I believe the land owners are all connected to the sheriff department. Maybe he was so confused and upset his words ran together and it says What I hear is: Yes, I’m in the middle of the filed. My truck ran out of gas. Your deciphering is spot on, even when compared to the slow version. A gunshot would be much louder and much more high pitched.

Could it be a stun gun or taser? I hear it Right after the dispatcher says, “Ok” and before “Is anybody hurt? The pops are cars driving over the bridge that runs over the Colorado River bridge a few miles north of where his truck ran out of gas. Like someone firing in his direction from a little ways away. Someone seems to be chasing them into the field. Sounds as tho someone was w him maybe or he’s referring to “them” as he and the chaser. This is killing me trying to figure this out!

Ok so I may be totally off here. Maybe that had previously happened and he needed a landmark since he wasn’t near one. Could he have said “there’s one boar here and got chased thru the woods? He may have been talking about feral hogs and he could have been on the phone talking when he ran into them. I heard boar as well, and they are on both sides and he ran into them. I thought wild boars but then dawned on me he meant hogs too. Hope, I’ve also had a few others mention the ferral hogs thoughts too.

I know that’s not the ideal scenario, but if nothing else, I pray for closure for them. Not sure but if he was panicking, the draw and speed of his voice sounds like something different. Verizon to see if his phone was being reused? I don’t believe he actually hit anyone as no damage to his vehicle.