Forex striker

The funny video was not enough. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. I have been running the Striker with Vantage FX for approximately a year now. The first three months were fantastic forex striker this prompted a number of friends and family to also join.

The communication with Michael and Daisy was fantastic and in fact Michael even offered to help me develop my own Robot. Unfortunately the last 6 to 8 months have been tough and communication with Michael and Daisy has become non-responsive. 12 away from break even, but the start of 2014 has been disappointing. The Robot does work and when it works compounds nicely, but, losses are always larger than the wins so it tends to take at least two wins to recover a loss, and when a run of losses occurs it can be tough to watch.

My Mother opened an account and timed it very wrong and opened just as the downfall in 2013 started. I do have to say though Vantage FX have been fantastic and when any major differences in trades have occurred between my account and my mothers any refunds or fixes have happened fast. On the whole I am sticking with Striker as I have seen it work. Fingers crossed a resurgence will occur, and at some point this year sufficient profit will be made to enable me to withdraw my initial investment and then just leave it. I started trading with this robot on the half July and after 59 days I wrote the team I wanted to be refunded and they tried to delay the process, with success.