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Forex trading company in bangalore

Young students, women and retirees do need an extra income. Bangalore that can give you regular extra income then this is must-read article for you. These jobs give you an opportunity to forex trading company in bangalore some extra money working for just few hours.

First 25 are some of the offline part time jobs in your city that you could go for. Next 25 are about online jobs that you can do in part time. 25 are for those people who are looking for online part time jobs. Offline Data Entry Job The first offline job in our list is data entry job. There are certain offline jobs for data entry operator. In a project you get to finish particular number of files and you get paid. Domestic Call Center Domestic call center job is very popular in Bangalore because presence of IT and outsourcing companies.

You can make some money taking as a part time job. If you cannot go for international then go for domestic call center. Network Marketing Network marketing is perhaps one of the oldest, popular and easiest to way to make money in part  time. You have to find new members in your group and each new member joining in pays you commission. Stock Trader Stock Trader is bit risky but you can make money in hours if you know the trick of the trades.

I am talking of day trading where you make money selling stocks on the very same day. 2 children and make money part time. Insurance Agent Sell Insurance after office hours. You can sell insurance policy to customers for just few hours in a day and make good money. It is really a great part time job option in the city. Mail Order Jobs In Bangalore mail order jobs are very popular.

You have to send pamphlets, magazines etc to customers packed in envelope. You need postage stamps and other stationery. In arrange marriages people need to find a boy or girl and marriage bureau can help doing that. You need to demonstrate a product to customers. Counter Jobs for Food Chains You may not like it but it is one of growing offline part time jobs in the city. New food chains are opening up and you can easily find a job.