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Indikator forex yang paling bagus21

In order to expand possibilities of retail Forex traders, we have added the second accounting system — hedging. Now, it is possible to have multiple positions per symbol, including oppositely directed indikator forex yang paling bagus21. The netting system allows having only one position per financial instrument meaning that all further operations at that instrument lead only to closing, reversal or changing the volume of the already existing position.

MQL5 Cloud Network, and much more. Now, you can use one account to trade the markets that adhere to the netting system and allow having only one position per instrument, and use another account in the same platform to trade Forex and apply hedging. This article describes the netting and hedging systems in details, as well as sheds light on the changes related to the implementation of the second accounting system. To open a real account with hedging, contact your broker. If there is an open position for a symbol, executing a deal in the same direction increases the volume of this position. It does not matter, what has caused the opposite deal — an executed market order or a triggered pending order. The below example shows execution of two EURUSD Buy deals 0.