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What separates USA Mobile Commissary from the rest? From using stainless steel rivets to all NSF grade products and materials, to the ipercomprato forex design you help us create. All of our equipment is fabricated especially for you. We do not simply buy a prep table and screw it in place.

Our finished product says it all. What size truck should I use? Stepvan is what we feel is the best platform to fabricate a mobile kitchen within. Are truck sizes restricted in any markets?

NSF stands for the National Sanitation Foundation. Most cities require that all equipment and materials in a commercial food truck be rated and certified by the NSF. Are the trucks New or — USED? We do have brand new 2015 shell vehicles available for those requiring one. Can I have a new truck?

What brand trucks do you use? We use a variety of truck brand depending on your needs and budget. Primarily GMC, Ford, Workhorse, Utilimaster, Grummin, Mercedes Sprinter etc. Is there a warranty on the “truck shell“ itself? However all of the work to convert the truck has a 1 year warranty on materials and craftsmanship. Can I provide my own truck? As most other builders would prefer the opposite.