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Joseph seelentag forex robots factory

Instead, it requires you to learn and understand how the EA works, even before you try to backtest it. Additionally, free margin must be left in the account joseph seelentag forex robots factory be allocated later by the recovery process. In consequence, the lot size of the first trade must be small relative to the recovery process.

Hedging EA turns your losing trades into winners using a unique imbalanced hedging strategy. Once the initial trade moves into negative territory a predefined number of pips, the recovery mechanism will kick in: it will place a limited amount of alternative trades above and below the current price, until all of them can be closed with a small net profit. Backtests using random trades, and makes money! All you need is a VPS! The usage and configuration of the expert advisor is very easy. Edit the settings until the risk is acceptable. Let the EA manage the trades!

It offers a complete trade management solution, from initial trade to recovery. First, the EA tries to perform break-even and assure capital preservation. Second, the EA applies a configurable trailing stop method. The recovery mechanism kicks when a trade goes into negative.