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Are the terms and conditions of knowledgetoactions’ trading knowledge to action forex review rated legal? Having problems getting a refund or canceling your traders university course?

In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed this post. If you have been on the Trader’s University Course, what’s your result? I went along to both the free and paid trading seminars and listened to what he had to say, so I thought I’d share some thoughts. I’m not affiliated in any way, just a bloke on a seminar. Greg Secker sounded very well informed and that he knew what he was talking about. I received emails and telephone calls the following day encouraging me to go on the course! 2450 for a two day course.

That’s hardly going to encourage people starting out in the day trading world? Firstly, the free seminar itself is very well-run. Free coffee and biscuits at half-time as well! Two things I did find annoying, though, were: the ubiquitous ‘sign up now and save even more’, and the recurring subtle sell during the presentation of ‘financial freedom’, etc. Ignoring all that, though, and we come to the meat of the presentation, which was well over two solid hours of genuinely interesting stuff. 2450 odd plus VAT would the course be value for money?

Of course anyone who can do this month in month out even half-consistently would be catapulted into superstar-trader league! The weekly conference calls were also good. Opinions on Tradersuniversity or Greg Secker? Post them using the form below for other traders to see! All comments are reviewed prior to posting.

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