Low slippage forex broker

I low slippage forex broker a signal provider using Trader’s Way. But some of my followers have very large slippage. I often suggest to subscribers to choose one of the low-slippage brokers on the “Slippage” tab. I also just noticed today that MQ added the number of trades taken with each broker.

I want my subscribers to be as profitable as possible with my signals. I will certainly keep watching this list and advise which brokers work best with Trader’s Way. But perhaps I should consider changing brokers as a signal provider to increase the chances for my followers to have less slippage? I asked one of the system administrators, and they said they were not able to analyze the slippage data at this time. In the mean time, I will be personally looking at many signals on MQL5 and evaluating the slippage between signals and followers and posting it here for all to benefit.

I will be looking at only the “green” brokers that have received at least 5 signals from a given signal provider. USD only in order to compare apples to apples. Before I get started, are there any thoughts? If I was to set up a new signal system, what are the TOP 10 Signal Brokers I should choose from to maximize my followers’ success?

If I am a signal follower, what are the TOP 10 Following Brokers? If I change signals because I found a better one to follow, the new signal might have a “Best Broker” but opening a new account each time I change signals is simply unreasonable. I want to know which brokers seem to work best overall. Discussions of any banking, brokerage or other financial companies or institutions are prohibited. I can see the wisdom in this.

MQL5 must remain neutral for sure as all of the many brokers using MT4 or MT5 are their clients. I think the data is very relevant and I will still collect it, but I will not post here. I may post it on my website. If you are signal follower, look around a bit first at many systems to see which brokers have a good track record for low slippage. If you are a signal provider considering a new system, then think about slippage for your followers and contact me privately if you are interested in my findings. SunbirdFX facilitates forex trading and CFD products, offering a trading platform for currencies, metals, oils and indices. Sunbird’s chief analyst Bastian Rubben will be writing about a variety of subjects in his regular new column for Bullbearings.