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Di bawah memahami berita forex bahasa, terdapat contoh artikel mengenai bagaimana dampak perkembangan teknologi bagi seorang remaja. Technology For Teens, Good or Bad?

Technology, today became one of the elements in the earth’s that grows very fast. Technology in this context, is information and communication. We, as modern human, at this time is no wonder anymore when seeing people using mobile phones wherever they are. In taxis, markets, houses, and even when driving, people still use of their phones.

One the other hand, we see that the use of technology is dominated by teenagers. They are very quick to accept and understand how to use technology. There are many students from elementary, junior high school, senior high school, and university that consistently using technology ranging from mobile phones, computers, internet, and games. Technology is a group of devices that can be bad for the development of teenager’s life. First, many spread of information between technology devices is not filtered anymore. Information, whether it’s bad or good, it quickly spreads from one device to another.