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Email will not be shared or sold to a third party. The Netherlands and started mercado eficiente finanzas forex air traffic controller in the Dutch Air Force followed by pilot training. Es licenciado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas. It is also obvious that modern standards of using Internet are constantly increasing.

Regardless of the type of Internet connection that each one enjoys, we are always interested in making the most of the connection in question. To know the benefits that the company that provides us with the connection, whether it is ADSL or Fiber, is providing us, we must perform a connection test. The lower the result, the better and more reactive your connection is. Download speed: the amount of data you can receive in a second.

The higher the result, the better the speed of your connection. Upload speed: the amount of data you can send in a second. How to run the Speed Test. Now that we know a little more about some Internet terms that you will read in these results, we should be able to fully understand what will be shown in our test.

First, look for a website that runs this type of tests and when you find one that suits your needs, click on the start test and wait a moment. The page will start running some Internet speed tests on your connection, such as download and upload speed and ping test, to see how well your computer is working. After a while, you may see different results depending on the page you are using. Los CFD son un producto dificil de entender, la CNMV considera que no es adecuado para inversores minoristas debido a su complejidad y riesgo. Todo el contenido del material proporcionado no constituye, ni debe ser considerado como un consejo o una recomendación, del mismo modo que no hemos analizado sus circunstancias personales. Por todo ello, no asumimos ninguna responsabilidad por el uso que se realice de esta información ni frente a las consecuencias que de esto se deriven.

Finanzas Forex is a revolutionary forex trading service. This public warning against Finanzas Forex looks very serious. Additionally, the commercialization of investment services and the prospection of clients are activities that only can be carried out, on a professional basis, by authorised entities or by their relevant tied agents as regulated in article 65 bis of the above-mentioned Act. FINANZASFOREX is the commercial name of the company EVOLUTION MARKET GROUP INC, incorporated and with its official address in Panama with the Spaniard GERMAN CARDONA as Chairman.

The activity of this company consists of the offering of investments in the Forex market, guaranteeing a profitability ranging from 10 to 21 per cent. The company offers the possibility of becoming promoters to investors. This means that by becoming a promoter, they become customer’s recruiters and are offered an accumulative percentage of the amounts deposited by the recruited clients up to the seventh step, plus a series of bonuses including luxury cars and financial grants for an amount of 60. 000 euro for the acquisition of housing for this activity. The Comisión Nacional de Valores of Panama has already issued a warning against this company for carrying out restricted activities from Panama without having obtained the required licence. The company has been carried out its activity not only in Spain but also all around the world. The company’s web page is in the following languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

Regarding the cash flow, clients must transfer their deposits to the American company CROWNE GOLD, which pools all cash entries. The number of promoters all around the World is unpredictable due to the extremely high number of clients. Up till now the number of promoters performing activities in Spain is unknown, however, the CNMV knows that there are several promoters operating in the areas of Barcelona, Madrid and Basque Country, having recruited, only in the area of Baracaldo, more than 100 clients. SANTIAGO FUENTES JOVER is the most active promoter in Spain, this individual has his own web page, www.