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Claim free bitcoin every 15 minutes! And while no one knows who will win this bout for the ages, it’s clear that one of the competitors has a back-up plan in place. You see, Mayweather isn’t just a world famous boxer. In the past few weeks, Mayweather’s social media feeds have alternated between posts hyping the fight and valentines to cryptocurrency. ICOs aren’t federally regulated yet, but that didn’t stop Mayweather from bragging to his followers about his newest investment.

I’m gonna make a shit ton of money on August 26. I’m gonna make a shit ton of money on August 2 on the Stox. 33 million on its first day. So now Mayweather’s at it again.

In the midst of fight prep on Wednesday, he promoted Hubii, a blockchain-based media tech company that opened its ICO yesterday. 50 million during this ICO, though it’s not open to American investors. But win or lose, it looks like he’ll have a lucrative second career as a bitcoin pitchman. We noticed you’re using an ad blocker.