Que significa convergencia y divergencias forex

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For users with disabled Javascript, this number is much lower than for those with enabled Javascript. Firewall with many users within your network using Linguee concurrently, please contact us. I always like to say, that in any trading strategy, you should only be exposed to the market when absolutely necessary. Eso es, whether it’s a strategy running on daily intervals or on monthly intervals, a trader should not stay in the market longer than needed because it leaves room for the unexpected. This is especially true when it comes to momentum strategies and it can be the difference between gain and pain. En pocas palabras, it is a pattern that enables you to buy into a correction and sell before the pair peaks again. In order to identify a symmetrical triangle pattern, we have to watch for four unique yet symbiotic conditions.

The pair has to be in a long term bullish trend. The pair has to be in the midst of a temporary correction. The correction has to be in the shape of a triangle with lower highs. The momentum of the correction has to converge with the oscillator, as seen in the MACD chart below. The buy signal comes at a very specific time. The symmetry of the triangle is what helps us determine our limit.

The symmetry does not have to come in the shape of a symmetrical triangle on the upward move. De hecho, only one element should be symmetrical—the highs. Using the grid to measure the height, if the height of our triangle is three and a half squares we should stretch point A three and a half squares to point B. To get the answer, we need to start with the end result. The idea is that when you have a triangle break that fulfilled the aforementioned conditions it tends to generate a move higher, por lo menos the same height as the triangle from the point of the break. Si, por ejemplo, the bullish trend would have been over, the pair would have topped out a little above point B.