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Veure Creación de un sistema integral de base de datos para el aplicativo de gestión de incidencias Global Service Desk. Veure In recent years, the number quien invento el primer reloj digital forex systems which leverage Internet of Things technologies has experienced an enormous growth.

Aplicación para contratación y seguimiento de cuidado de menores. Veure Conceptualización y diseño de una app para el servicio de cuidado de niños. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Progressive movement in this South American country despite the fact they were never a pure Symphonic band which was always the preeminent style. Rosario, EL RELOJ made their debut in a movie theater called “El Monumental” with the record of 1,100 seats and a lot of people in the street who wasn’t able to reach a ticket.

Eduardo “Tucata” Suarez as second guitar who leaves the band and is replaced by Gregorio Felipes. Before a very importants concert in the Olimpia Theater, Gregorio Felipes is killed in a car accident by a drunk policeman officer who escapes, despite their grieve, the band still makes the show as a tribute for their partner before 1,500 souls and abandon the stage for a long period of time. 100,000 copies, a record for a native Rock band in those days. In 1975 they release the first LP called “El Reloj” with clear Deep Purple influence but listening again after some years I noticed they had more of the Uriah Heep’s mystic and proggy sound, even Luis Valenti sounds pretty much like David Byron. This album contains old and new material by the band but as in most South America it was hard to get sponsored when you were a local band, so that’s the reason it had to wait so much, the budget was so tied that they couldn’t afford the art cover with “The Melted Clocks” by Dali. In 1976 their style changes dramatically and they approach to a Symphonic sound with their second LP called “El Reloj II” which rises the popularity of the band incredibly but also is the starting point of tensions inside the band so after two concerts in a full “Luna Park” and long tours through Argentina they dissolve. 1989 they join again for a short period and again the economic problems cause their separation.