Rcfx forex peace

Another web site of the company is www. Let other traders know if this service is rcfx forex peace checking or should be avoided.

Be awarethis market maker broker is trading against you,,slippage all time. History” at their platform and sometimes they do wipe off some data that could work against them. 2013-02-05 No Rating I’m with fxsol. I had sent both of them an email ask why.

2012-09-06 No Rating I had check my purchase history of my creditcard,I didn’t use my creditcard in July and August. In September I deposit money to fxsol,after that my card number had been stolen,this is very strange. Maybe my computer got a virus or trojan,but if this is fact,why my other creditcards are OK. 45 in the US,but I’m in China. This happens half month after I deposit money to fxsol UK. I’m not sure whether this had someting with fxsol,my bank is investigating this matter now.

With only 2 weeks notice, FX Solutions shut down their US operations, closing all open trades, and transferring funds to Forex. I had a long term trade in process and lost that money. I’ve been with them for years but all of a sudden my account being closed for inactivity. 136 left on my account but they closed it and didn’t send me a check. I asked them about that, and the person on the chat said that was a bonus money that was credited over two years ago. I made hundreds of trades since then but they claimed I didn’t fulfill my bonus agreement. There is no reasoning with them.

136 on my account and I will deposit and start trading with them again. Do you think I will trust FX Solutions with my money after these? Trust me on this, at first they will make you think they’re your best friend but they will take your money blindsided. If you want something trustworthy and reliable FXSol isnt for you. If I go to sleep i open mirrored position on separate computer on demo account and theres been times when demo position was closed and live position wasnt, even though they had same SL and TP. WHen I requested a withdrawal from my account after 2 weeks still no check.

30 fee to stop first check and send second. I have 10K account and trade occasionally. 30 fee i will close my account and withdraw money from they since it was my last drop of patience. I have no direct experience with this company but for a demo download with great promises. Now when I read the reviews, FXDD pops up, and they ripped 16K cash off me in just hours with spread increases, and numbers on market pricing that never happened. I was targeted to lose money.

FXDD had a good racing car team, and when the money was gone, I still got the updates in racing. He was my account rep at FXDD, and he did not even remember my name. He might be a very good guy trying to make a living to support his family, and I like him personally even though he did not remember me with his pressure call with a new company. But this is the best advice I can offer to any new Forex trader. IF A SALES PERSON CALLS WITH PRESSURE TO SEND MONEY WITH OFFERS, RUN AWAY. The good ones will not call you asking for money.