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Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. What does this song mean to you? Song Discussions is protected by U. Wayne jacko jackson forex Jackson first danced the Moonwalk 35-years-ago this weekend.

On 25th March 1983, Michael Jackson wowed the crowd at Motown’s 25 Year Anniversary concert with a rendition of his number one hit song ‘Billie Jean’ which sent cultural shockwaves across America, and then the world. It was the beginning of Jackson’s ascent to unmatchable superstardom. 4 hi hat and alternate kick and snare drum intro is one of the most recognisable beginnings to a pop song in history. Once the walking bass synth comes in all you picture in your head is Michael, side on, one leg cocked, trilby hatted head angled to the ground, his right arm extended behind him, fingers splayed, and his left hand on his crotch, pelvis thrusting back and forward on each beat. The moonwalk is synonymous with Michael Jackson. His autobiography is called Moonwalker, as is the feature film he stars in.

But as many may not know, he did not invent the move. Was it the sheer weight of his fame? Or was it that he was, in the words of Savion Glover in this excellent video on the performance, on one hand showing something new to mainstream America and on the other, giving a nod to the streets? According to choreographer James Berkery the moonwalk is a total exception: “Is there a more iconic dance move? Jackson was the most successful African American pop star ever, but by the 90s his appearance was almost poly-racial. At the fundraising party for the film Moonwalkers, I spoke to two MJ impersonators. Fabio, a 24-year-old white man from Porto, became an MJ impersonator because people said he looked like Michael.