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Wealth dragons forex reviews

Helping property investors worldwide find and buy bargain property investments. Question: Does anyone have any feedback regarding Wealth Dragons 4 day intensive course? Don’t pay wealth dragons forex reviews attend this course. The course is set up to make further offerings to new Clients.

There was some doubt as to whether some of the scenarios were set up. My summary would be is that you don’t learn that much more than what is on those lessons. The format of the presentations are slick and have been well rehearsed, It is easy to get swept along by the optimism of the presenters. There are some heart rending, tear jerking videos shown which I think were over the top. No day finished before 9pm so be prepared for that. Property investment experience then you will only pick up a few nuggets of useful information over the 4 days.

If you want any more info please contact me. All of the above is only my opinion and others are welcome to agree or disagree as they see fit. I would be interested to hear from someone who attended who has completed what the course claims can be done and ultimately has financial freedom. Wealth Dragons John Lee and Vincent Wong offer plenty of free courses, go there and you’ll see if you’d like to continue with their advanced training.

I’ve been told that Wealth Dragons paid mentoring is high quality. He managed to complete it within a month or two after he completed Wealth Dragons property training. The guy was very excited because his training paid off and he made a good profit. However, he said that it may take longer for other students, so don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight. If you search for Wealth Dragons reviews on Pinterest, you’ll find hundreds of comments from people who attended their events. Also, networking with likeminded people is priceless! Be prepared for intensive training and long days, some of the Wealth Dragons events are not for fainthearted.

Lee, IT’S ALL ABOUT NUMBERS: if after the Wealth Dragons property course you can make more money than you paid for the course, then it’s a good deal! Today I came across someone who actually attended and completed Wealth Dragons property training course in 2016. I have a small property portfolio of 16 properties, I own 6, the rest are rent to rents and HMO’s. I attended the one day Deal Maker training in January 2016, learning from the best of the best, I learnt so much from that one day training which blew my mind with knowledge and excitement, I bought a property 43k below market value, is that amazing? I have now just completed the Deal Maker Intensive only yesterday and guess what, Ive signed a deal property no 17. John and Vincent, I thank you so much for the knowledge you intensive training you delivered.

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